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Warranty Details

For Exterior Paint work Get Paint offers up to 10 years warranty against peeling and up to 5 years against fading on surfaces, this warranty is only valid for most premium paint product by leading paint stores Benjamin Moore, Sherwin Williams, BEHR, Dulux which includes the following

  • Aura by Benjamin Moore
  • Emerald by Sherwin Williams
  • Marquee by Behr

For Interior painting including cabinets paint work one year warranty.

Our warranty covers peeling and / or blistering and / or fading due to defective workmanship, and will be effective only if the customer pays in full for work completed, and retains the original contract/payment receipts and job sign off document.

Prep-painted surfaces are warrantied for a year for both interior/exterior surfaces.

Warranty excludes

  • Cracks in plaster and / or drywall, Nail pops in drywalls.
  • Paint supplied by our customers
  • Galvanized metal
  • Bleeding knots in wooden surfaces.
  • Moisture damage, mildew, rust, rotten wood, disintegrating metals or concrete etc.
  • Varnished surfaces
  • Peeling of previous paint layers
  • Significant temperature changes
  • Building settlement or shifting causing cracks or tape tears
  • Moisture intrusion to interior or exterior painted surfaces.
  • Work where our company didn’t supply the paint.
  • Damages caused by abuse or accidents.
  • Paint scrubbing/rubbing of painted surfaces against each other (for example garage doors/shifting of sidings by wind/temperature changes/or poorly assembled)
  • Damages or defects caused by fire, flood, acts of god, extreme weather conditions, misuse, alterations, vandalism, negligence or other similar causes are beyond control.
  • Matching of paint (the paint can be matched closely, but rarely to perfection)
  • Using one company’s paint code in another company’s product.
  • If client didn’t paid in full as per agreed estimate / work order at job start than warranty voids.
  • If client cancel or stops the work prior to completion than warranty voids.
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